Tuesday, 5 December 2017


In A1 we have been learning to be prepared if we find ourselves in an unexpected situation. We talked about what to do if we were lost in a shopping mall. It is a good idea to find a person who works in a shop, or the manager’s office. You could also ask a mum you see with some children to help you. If you are lost it is important to know your full name, your phone number and your address.

We wrote stories about this and we would like to share Riley Spiers' and Harmony Fetu’s stories.

Lost at the Shopping Mall by Harmony Fetu

“Excuse me, I had your help. Do you have kids?” I asked. “Yes, I do have kids.” said the manager. “Do you know where my mum and my family are?” I asked the manager. “Yes I do know where your family are. They are at the bananas. Do you know where the bananas are?”  “Yes, I do know, thank you”

I found my mum and dad and my brother and sister.

Lost at New World by Riley Spiers

When me and my brother were at New World there were 60 people in there so I got lost. I said “Help”. No one heard so I went to the Help Desk. I said “I lost my mum and dad”.
“I will call them up” said the lady. So they came. I said to my mum and dad, “I will stay by you”.

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